10 jewelry pieces every bride must have!

Let's modernize with heritage & style!

India is known for its cultural divinity and the grace to carry the flagship of royalty through the uniqueness of intricate jewelry they carry as our pride. But for the gorgeous doll that is ready to embrace womanhood through whole spirit and soul, DYNAMIC Jewelry hold lifetime memory significance to make that special day little bit more PRECIOUS.

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Significance Of Solah Shringaar

Sargi, Solah Shringar aur Sath Janam – Ek Safar!

Feminine lives are like prowess of goddess on this planet fused with a luminous strength that they conspire with universal energies for accretion of their mate’s life. Devoting their soul, sacrificing their lives for the others she creates an opportunity for her loved ones to glorify in all manners. Battling their own demons, feminine is just like the lamp glittering from behind the veils burning themselves whole day long sacrificing food and water through a sacramental ritual of KARWA CHAUTH.

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7 jaw dropping Necklace Styles for Indian Bride.

Wear it like Princess, Feel it like Queen, Rule it like Dynasty!

MANGAL SUTRA – a sacramental design worn to flatter your neck is the dazzling delight that makes a perfect glory of Indian Brides. Never the less, the neckline flaunting ornamental pieces reflects the tiny bits of happiness and confidence of all the daughters who are ready to phase shift their innocence into maturity. Hence, after years of revolution in cultural and traditional ornamentation style of brides in wedding, NECKLACE still is the soul of Bride’s beautification.

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A popular practice today sees both the partners wearing (sometimes matching) engagement rings to affirm their commitment to each other. So, if you’re getting engaged (congratulations to you!) and the idea of engagement rings for couples seems as good an idea to you as it does to us, there are of course a number of rings that you could consider, and we’ve listed 10 styles that are, if not the best, certainly our favorites.

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