10 engagement ring designs perfect for bride and groom

10 engagement ring designs perfect for bride and groom

By Punjabi Saraf |

A popular practice today sees both the partners wearing (sometimes matching) engagement rings to affirm their commitment to each other. So, if you’re getting engaged (congratulations to you!) and the idea of engagement rings for couples seems as good an idea to you as it does to us, there are of course a number of rings that you could consider, and we’ve listed 10 styles that are, if not the best, certainly our favorites.

Diamond solitaire rings

The first thought that comes to mind when we think of an engagement ring is a Diamond. The most sought-after choice in an engagement ring is a diamond solitaire ring for both. A single solitaire ring will definitely capture the day with feelings.

Gold plated rings

A simple gold engagement ring for couples is the most favorite amidst the lovers of simplicity. People who don’t prefer designer rings or anything over the top, a simple concentric and circular gold polished ring will be the best choice. Sometimes, after all, is said and done, you just want a beautiful pair of gold rings

Sterling Silver ring

A silver ring or a white ring has certain allure and charm about it that is hard to recreate. Some couples prefer to keep it simple yet classy. Gold is not everybody’s choice in the present dynamic world so; a sparkling silver ring with some design is the choice.

Designer rings

Some people like it out of the box and so there can be unique designs for the rings to make them different from the usual. There are rings made of gold, silver, platinum and what not to come up beautiful rare creations for the couple.

Engraved ring

Rings with engraved promises or sometimes even names of the couple are also a very creative choice of engagement ring. Some even prefer to write just the initials on the rings. It’s about the promise that the engraving carries, not the money. It can be made with precious metals of your choice.

Colored stones ring

Engagement rings for couples can also be custom-made with colorful stones. Diamond can be chosen of any colour by the couple. Not everyone is a fan of the diamond. Some people prefer colourful and vibrant designs when it comes to choice of rings.

Rose gold rings

Rose is the new trend. The beauty of rose gold is the light pinkish color it has which makes it look unique and attractive. Couples engagement rings can glam up your day and so it has to be something unique like rose gold.

Two or three toned rings

Two tones or three-toned engagement rings for couples with gold, silver or platinum in the making is a unique and incredible design. A hard design for the man and delicate diamond studded for the female.

Matching rings

The most romantic thing for the couple can be wearing matching rings on their special day. Diamond studded on the ring for the girl's ring and single diamond in the centre. While boys ring can be studded with a single big diamond in the centre followed by three diamonds on the ring band looks elegant.

Platinum rings

Platinum seems to go well will the engagement rings of couples. They can be simple bands or designer solitaire rings uniquely designed for the couple. A resplendent solitaire for the bride and a hard rock for the groom would be perfect.