10 jewelry pieces every bride must have!!

10 jewelry pieces every bride must have!!

By Punjabi Saraf |

India is known for its cultural divinity and the grace to carry the flagship of royalty through the uniqueness of intricate jewelry they carry as our pride. But for the gorgeous doll that is ready to embrace womanhood through whole spirit and soul, DYNAMIC Jewelry hold lifetime memory significance to make that special day little bit more PRECIOUS..

An attire to adorn the womanhood with an articulate piece of ornament enhancing your BEAUTY with power, commitment and passion is the magic every BRIDE wants to endeavor. So let's discuss some jewelry essentials every bride must own signifying power and elegance:

From top to toe let's get through 10 essentials complimenting the Brides on their #iwillbethequeen day:

1. Maang Tika

Maang Tika is a symbol of elegance every queen should hold high like a crown on her special day. Vivid varieties of Maang Tika are designed to add a perfect touch of grace to your face. With Maang Tika comes preservation of relations and togetherness of male and female energies flowering a lifetime bond.

2. Nath:

Nath represents ROYALTY. It is a mirror reflecting your true persona embellishing the power of womanism twisted with emotional connectivity. Add charm to your bridal look with a piece of Nath and shine fine.

3. Ear Rings:

The significance of every piece is not required but MAGNIFICENT eye-catching jewels are! Nothing can beat the glory of beauty, earrings can bring into life. Flaunt it in style; rule it like you owe the day and let people stare a while.

4. Necklace:

Necklaces, the most fascinating part for a lady. According to the attire, every bride can pick some unique ways of styling herself. Metallic shades to gold and diamond designs, hooking up with real classics are worth for a lady of the day and the gorgeous touch is added by MANGAL SUTRA – a token of lifetime promises from your love mate.

5. Baju Bandh:

Baju Bandh is the fashion accessory that women carry to add an artful glow to their arm biceps. Legacy of many years, so crafty designs are available that it enhances your personality with an aura of confidence. You cannot underrate this piece of jewelry but you can pick the best one.

6. Bangles:

Tickling voices that weave happiness and compassion through its sound, such is the magical power of BANGLES. Bride's perfect look is incomplete without perfect queen-ship essence that bangles bring into. Vibrant colors, ethnic essence, metallic base to gold and diamonds covering varieties of bangle designs could create a sparkling impact on your special day.

7. Rings:

Most integral part of bridal jewelry has RING as an essential ornament that shows your commitment. With the changing times, designs for finger rings have evolved exceptionally where traditional rings have been replaced by stoned and studded rings but bridal should necessarily wear a ring as they leave an impeccable aroma of fashion and tradition behind you.

8. Kamar Bandh:

Allure everyone with refining grace and spark by carrying a waist belt called KAMAR BANDH. It indicates delicacy, style, and prettiness of your personality. So with one beautiful handpicked Kamar bandh get an exquisite bridal look.

9. Payal:

Payal is the favorite of many ladies, its melodious voice and stunning look add an absolute royalty to your entire bridal suit. Never miss this one, as the arrival of a new bride is symbolized from this one.

10. Toe Ring:

Toe rings beautify your toe fingers and also they drive motherland energies from earth into your body. Fingers uniqueness get new dimensions to flaunt with this small piece of ornament. Hence, ladies make sure you add at least one piece in your entire ornament sets.