7 jaw dropping Necklace Styles for Indian Bride.

7 jaw dropping Necklace Styles for Indian Bride.

By Punjabi Saraf |

MANGAL SUTRA – a sacramental design worn to flatter your neck is the dazzling delight that makes a perfect glory of Indian Brides. Never the less, the neckline flaunting ornamental pieces reflects the tiny bits of happiness and confidence of all the daughters who are ready to phase shift their innocence into maturity. Hence, after years of revolution in cultural and traditional ornamentation style of brides in wedding, NECKLACE still is the soul of Bride’s beautification.

NECKLACE is an ornament more than just jewellery which has to be uniquely handcrafted to swing the flag ofqueen-ship so here we have some exquisite necklace styles for all you ladies to breathe a new life in contemporary yet classic styles.

So with this article, let’s get some conventional & offbeat ideas just to glitter your neck & collarbone for your #iwillbethequeen day:


Effortless they appear, delicately hook, bling’s blinking they grace your appealing look. BIB Necklace style is among the favorite picks of many to get a timeless classic look of an ornamental cover for your neckline. Wear it in layers or on own, thick or thin, this one is must for any of the Bride’s rituals and ceremonies.


The name personifies it all. The eminence designed in diamonds and emeralds, this style adds up a look of royalty to the lady of the day. As the name sounds RAANI HAAR, it creates an impression of RAANI’s power standing alone. If thinking to radiate like Goddess’ charm, fascinate everyone with this elegance.


A necklace design close to your neck, closer to your heart. Choker style is an excellent fusion of modern jewel styles with the liveliness of old vintage designs, complementing your happiness and adornment of the precious moments. Chic and Charming – CHOKERS are an absolute piece to emblaze your glance.


A seven layered piece made up of gems & diamonds illuminating your feminism is what SATLADA HAAR is all about. Intricately crafted with the delicate design it is an essential for a Bridal ensemble. Antique, historic and vividly available in voguish style this seven layered jewel definitely is a must to go in Bride’s Box of Necklace.


ADDIGAI are the closed style necklace plated in gold that radiates the Bride’s euphoria of accepting the sacred bond with ornaments as a witness of love. A trendsetter, this splendid piece of ornament works miraculously to set all the eyes staring and glaring your elegance on your big lovely day!


Eccentric the name, exceptional the look, majestic the appearance. MANGO HARAM style is the sophistication with a sense of soulfulness to style yourself in of necklaces. A trend of South ornaments pattern, house in this one and get the prominent look of royalty perfect for the Bride’s perfect occasion based style.


As the name suggests, this piece of ornament flaunting traditions of monarchical times still creates the feel of ancient divine India, powering you with all regal and blooming looks. Feel fearless; step in like an Empress because TEMPLE JEWELRY with modern touch styles is the Bride’s Favorite.

So all the gorgeous ladies, get sorted for your biggest day…

Remember, never fade your cultural goodness with leading-edge fashion manners,and rather revive this classic heritage infusion with newly fashion state of art. Pick any of these distinct royal necklace styles and swing the queen-ship in elegance & grace. Let the world wonder more about your beautiful & bold jewellery choices and secrets while you enchant your lifetime bond!

Rule the dynasty, let the spark of presence glitter with your exotic appeal of necklaces, after all, the queens are born to leave everyone spellbound especially on their #iwillbethequeen day.