Significance Of Solah Shringaar

Significance Of Solah Shringaar

By Punjabi Saraf |

Feminine lives are like prowess of goddess on this planet fused with a luminous strength that they conspire with universal energies for accretion of their mate’s life. Devoting their soul, sacrificing their lives for the others she creates an opportunity for her loved ones to glorify in all manners. Battling their own demons, feminine is just like the lamp glittering from behind the veils burning themselves whole day long sacrificing food and water through a sacramental ritual of KARWA CHAUTH

KARWA CHAUTH is a devotional act of surrendering oneself to the almighty powers through an entire holy practice of fasting and seeking divine blessings for the long life of husbands. Ideal and delicate as it sounds, KARWA CHAUTH is enticed symmetrical with the process of SARGI (blessing from the mother in law) and SOLAH SHRINGAAR, where a woman decorates herself with 16 embellishing ornaments just like a BRIDE with honor and pride.

As women are considered as the human form of a goddess, they have SOLAH SHRINGAR as the most I mportant part of karwa Chauth that adds the power of burning and giving, hence here we have quoted basics connotation about it which is worth and whelming:

1. Shaadi Ka Joda:

A veil of red embraced according to the heritage, lehenga, Salwar or Saree, Shaadi ka Joda is a glory of rejoicing and commitment for all the ladies on KARWA CHAUTH.

2. Maang Tika:

Centre of attraction for all the ladies, maang tika is an ornament always placed in CHAKRA part of the forehead. It shows women’s power, control, and preservation of soul.

3. Sindoor and Bindi:

A bindi is a round red spot decorum of wisdom, concentration, and majesty. Sindoor is the red-mark between the hairlines as a wedlock gift of commitment to the bride from the groom. These two are the charm of feminism carried in nobility and radiating happy and prosperous married life.

4. Kajal or Anjana:

Eyes are given prominence with dark black layers of Kajal/Anjana highlighting every fine detail of gorgeous lashes. Kajal is truly aristocratic as it safeguards the bride from evil sites and also glitters the gratitude of womanhood with shine and shimmers.

5. Nath:

Nath, a symbol of royalty intertwined with women emotion, Nath is an epitome of bravery and spirituality. It adds grace to your special day's special look.

6. Earrings:

Favorite of all, any adornment is incomplete without earrings and an earring itself is a complete set of SHINGAAR. Style and elegance bring along for any beauty.

7. Necklace:

Necklaces are a symbol of an authority a lady pull-offs as the queen flattering the baggage of responsibilities all her life whereas a MANGAL SUTRA is an integral part of necklace mirroring marriage-hood bond for eternity. SHINNGAAR can never be complete without its presence.

8. Mehendi:

SOLAH SHRINGAAR journey is embarked with gorgeously crafted design on hands and legs, nurturing colours of delicacy and love of marriage bond. Sacred and colourful mehendi also keeps aside evil from the lady of generosity.

9. Bangles:

Tinkling sounds of commitment, ringing bells of prosperity, a never-ending loop of togetherness in round shape bangles, women hood gets a brighter touch of happiness with sculptures of bangles fancied in various style.

10. Baaju Bandh:

A piece of ornament from SOLAH SHRINGAAR box, tied around your armpits, the baaju band are finely manufactured with detailing to add some more stunning factors to your KARWA CHAUTH’s look.

11. Haath-phool:

Haath-pool consists of 8 rings women carry on their both the hands. Beautiful and gracious it looks is always attached with a ring of a mirror to catch the glimpse of their love mate. Articulately outlined haath-phool gives wonderful look to ladies.

12. Payal:

Jingling always, every step personifying the prints of greatness a woman carries even after devoting her life is what Payal wore in ankles adorn.

13. Toe Rings:

Toe rings flaunt the marital bliss for women, a small piece of ornament creates the wonder of cheerfulness and customary traditions and hence always worn on occasions.

14. Kamar Bandh:

Gleams and glitter of self-confidence and glorification are carried in the form of Kamar Bandh. Tied along the waist, it manifests the strength of womanhood. Few connect it with health, wealth, and success this ornament is exceptionally stunning for this occasion.

15. Keshpasharachana (Hair Accessory):

Gajra of flowers always synced with the bride’s outfit, hair accessory is carried along with bun or braids. It also marks the importance of trinity of Hindu goddess associated with women.

16. Ittar:

The fragrance of freshness, transparency of dewiness, an aura of individuality it has - Ittar is the SOLAH SHRINGAAR’s best part.

SOLAH SHRINGAR gets complete with more rituals performing Sargi series of blessing by the mother in law, KARWA CHAUTH is the scared part of wedding journey. Every woman feels like the amour of firmness, candles of brightness like a moonlight with an endowment of gleaming life’s of their soul mates for years.